Photographic services for your business

Due to COVID-19 we are still taking bookings for video live streams for weddings & conferences also general, weddings and commercial Photography  having just rearranged our own wedding plans for the 3rd time we know how you feel and if you cannot find a photographer for a small wedding in the Lothian area we may be able to help


Using specialised photography equipment, software. And technology to produce 360-degree interactive tours. That allow visitors from remote locations to immerse themselves in your business. Giving a unique ability to place people within spaces you wish to promote. Inviting customers to see inside with a virtual tour of your premises.360°Interactive tours perfect for Hotels, Clubs and Estate Agents live video streaming for weddings and events 

No matter the size of your business we can accommodate everyone’s requirements and budget. From a small single scene through to a complex multi-scene virtual tour. The benefits to your business are incredible. Captivating your visitors in a virtual world.

Perfect for displaying on desktop and mobile devices with multi-format. All tours will work perfectly on a desktop PC, tablet or smartphone

contact us for all general photographic services Live video streaming for all events 

Commercial photography for your business

Contact us for photography services from packshots to headshots/VR product images/panoramas and Gigapixel images, Live video streaming.